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Github: https://github.com/dark-panda


I'm best described as a hacker in the classic RFC 1392-sense and have been since before that RFC was written. My first experience with a computer predates my own memories, but I have been told by those in attendance that my fate was pretty much sealed and that was that. Thirty-some years later, I'm still hacking.



Chief Technology Officer - Carbide Secure

Cybersecurity Creation and Management as a Service, Sydney NS

Freelance Software Developer, Architect, Consultant

Nova Scotia and sometimes in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Somewhat available for consulting. Specializing in spatial systems, GIS, system architecture and optimization, and open source development. Current and past clients include:

Software Architect/Technology Partner - Zoocasa.com

Real Estate/Property Management, Toronto ON

July 2007 - July 2015

Zoocasa.com is one of Canada's largest real estate listing search web sites. My primary interest in Zoocasa.com was involved GIS applications and libraries.

As a lead/senior software developer/technology partner/effectively-CTO, I was responsible for:

Software Architect/Technology Partner - HomeRenovationGuide.com

Home Renovation Information, Toronto ON

December 2010 - July 2015

HomeRenovationGuide.com is Zoocasa.com's sister site. Us Zoocasa developers work on the two sites simultaneously. My responsibilities with HRG are basically the same as with Zoocasa, although we use more recent versions of various software components, such as new versions of Ruby on Rails and the Google Maps API.

Software Architect - CultureSource.ca

Curriculum Information, Toronto ON

September 2006 - July 2007

CultureSource.ca is an online teaching object repository created via the Ministry of Heritage Gateway Fund and is currently maintained by Curriculum Services Canada.

As lead (and, for that matter, only) software developer on CultureSource.ca, I was responsible for all aspects of the application design and implementation. Core components included:

Software Architect - Magic Lantern Group

Online Educational Video Streaming, Oakville ON

March 2000 - September 2005

Magic Lantern was once Canada's most dominant supplier of educational videos in the secondary and post-secondary educational markets. In 2000, Magic Lantern began work on Tutorbuddy and Magic Lantern InSite, a pair of web sites that provided the Magic Lantern video catalogue online via high-quality streaming video.

The InSite/Tutorbuddy system was written primarily in PHP with several language extensions written in C and C++ while PostgreSQL provided the backend database system. Video streaming services were provided by Microsoft's Windows Media Services and Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server. Video play lists and clip management features were developed using the ASX and SMIL markup languages.

Features of the system included:

Current Open Source Projects

As seen on my Github profile.


Here's my public key: 6E5B7AA6.asc, fingerprint 34D44B0B2647F29DDE0D9BA914DCC8406E5B7AA6.

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